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Obdurate and methodical character player, whose career although not glittering, will probably be forgotten and instead will be unfairly remembered as the mother of Angela Lansbury. Another relationship around this time brought no stability to her life and intogether with her children, including Isolde, a daughter fom her first marriage, she abruptly left England, hoping to re-invent herself in America. Between then and she appeared in nine feature films, working out of contract for almost all of the major studios in Hollywood.

This period would prove to be her most industrious, as the latter half of the decade yielded nothing of consequence, save a co-starring role in the Fred M. Moyna Macgill was an able but luckless actor, who was brave enough at age forty seven and speed dating dublin tonight the none too trifling pressure of four children, to undertake and establish, largely without the comfort of a contract, a relatively modest career in the maelstrom of forties Hollywood.

Unprepossessing character actor who had a protracted if functional Broadway career, which from the early twenties ran in tandem with a raft of minor Hollywood screen appearances encompassing both silence and sound.

Small roles in two major productions. After this experience he returned to the New York stage and it would be a period of six years and the advent of sound before his Hollywood journey could resume in earnest. The Hollywood he returned to in had now changed beyond recognition and was attracting the great and good from the world of theatre.

Robinson and French starlet Claudette Colbert. Between and his versatility was tested in a raft of productions across the genres. He made four more appearances on Broadway in the thirties before his departure once again to Hollywood, where his speed dating reddit this time would be much longer than he probably anticipated.

He found work readily in the now hectic confines of Hollywood, making three films inthe most significant in terms of credit rating being director Albert S, speed dating dublin tonight. He also had a minor role in William A. His big screen CV, in need of a sharp infusion of superior product, was given a boost albeit tenuously with two very different roles, he was Lee J. Barry Macollum in fairness was a more natural performer on stage than screen, where his rather stilted manner often produced moments of awkwardness, but he did manage to survive for over fifty years working in both citadels of the American performing arts industry.

Saturnine and compelling character actor, who was an internationally respected exponent of the plays of Samuel Beckett. In he joined several Group actors, who under the auspices of Tyrone Guthrie, who travelled to London for a series of Irish plays presented at the Lyric Hammersmith and Ambassadors Theatre as part of the Festival Of Britain.

His character, Chief Warder Barrows, created a persona he was to manipulate for most of his film career. Sadly in the summer of that year at the relatively young age of strand bookstore speed dating, Patrick Magee died of a massive heart attack.

He will be remembered as an actor, who with his probing gaze and lazy mouth, delivered the sinister element, right down to its darkened soul. Slight of stature character player and highly proficient interpreter of Ulster types, with a fine line in stage and screen comedy, who 90s reality dating shows his name with the Ulster Literary Theatre Company in the twenties, Belfast Repertory Company in the thirties and later the Northern Irish Players, before securing senior status with the Group Players during the forties and fifties.

One of those championed by Hayward was Sandy Row born and former shipyard worker Thomas Carnduff, whose penetrating studies of the Protestant working class struck a chord with audiences in the hungry thirties.

By the end of he had also become a veteran of seven homespun, shoestring budget films, unkindly labelled quota quickies, from the Lilliputian studios of Crusade and Fox.

In the evolving years of the Group Players he surprisingly assumed a less obvious role, with a position on the Board Of Directors and as producer of a handful of plays, including the early work of Joseph Tomelty. The period until offered him many opportunities to shine and included at least two Group classics, Michael J.

Both plays featured the cream of the Group Players, including J. Between and he worked continuously on television and added two feature films to his burgeoning CV, albeit for the most part in a low profile capacity. The best he could muster during this productive period was as a Co. He was just as busy on screen in the nineties, though with his profile still below the radar, however he did manage to secure roles in most of the major Irish produced films of the decade.

He was clearly more respected in theatre and recorded a number of sterling performances during his committed and appreciable career. Leaving Belfast in her mid teens, she backpacked around Europe before arriving in New York inwhere, working in a Greenwich Village bar she met independent film maker Michael Almereyda.

The acting bug had now taken hold and after a rushed course in dramatic arts and against all convention, she was cast as Allie Earp in director George P. For the next couple of years it was back to learning the trade, appearing in small scale theatre productions in Los Angeles. She returned to the big screen in the mid to late nineties with roles barely on the right side of uncredited, which was probably the level she realistically would have expected to be, given her her lack of experience.

Paula Malcolmson has been fortunate in what could best be described as an interesting career, a few diversions notwithstanding, speed dating dublin tonight major role in a hit television series certainly made life that much easier.

This commendable production was staged at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin and was another, afforded a dating someone for 2 years television audience, screened by the BBC in August W in a cast that featured Brian Keith and the ill-fated Robert Francis, who was tragically killed a few months later aged twenty five.

He was a longtime and enthusiastic member of music-hall custodians the London Players Theatre, where in later years he would become Director of Production. Denis Martin was blessed with a distinctive tenor voice and a surfeit of acting skills and soon established himself in s London musical theatre, a tried and tested genre still flourishing on stage and film on both sides of the Atlantic.

Further inconspicuous roles in found her once again deployed as the symbolic spouse. Laine Megaw has had an unremarkable screen career, where opportunities were scarce, but fared much better on stage, which has proved a more effective medium for her skills.

Somewhat esoteric but enduring character actor with a heavily slanted and respected theatre background, whose earliest professional appearances were with the Lyric Belfast at the beginning of the eighties.

On television she was still struggling to create even a modest profile, a dilemma seemingly lost on casting agents, whose drip feed of also starring parts could hardly be described as challenging. In a busy period fromher most active to date, she made numerous appearances on the Dublin stage and enjoyed decent cameos in two contrasting Irish produced films, both directed by Tom Hall.

Eleanor Methven has, in a long and not too conspicuous career made her own appreciable impressionparticularly in Irish theatre, where she has seldom, if ever, disappointed. In earlytogether with Marie Jones, Eleanor Methven, Maureen McAuley and Brenda Winter, she co-founded what was to become the prolific itinerant theatre company Charabanc, conceived initially to correct the unquestionable imbalance in work offers endured by female performers.

The company thrived for twelve years, producing a respectable twenty two plays, written in the main by Marie Jones during its s apogee. Set in the Markets area of Belfast, she took a central role as the young, optimistic Anna McNamara, seeking direction in the throes of the Northern Ireland elections of Insouciant and effective leading actor and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland graduate fromwho rather auspiciously made his professional debut that same year at the Young Vic, Southbank, London.

Colin Morgan was fortunate to have experienced early success on both stage and screen, and in the intervening years has justified the confidence in his ability, first identified by among others, NT Artistic Director Rufus Norris.

Imperishable and unashamed stage actor, whose career spanned eight decades, beginning in the late forties at the Group Theatre, Belfast. As a wide-eyed nineteen year old inhe enrolled at the Group Theatre School of Acting, studying in the midst of the exalted Group Players.

It would be the early fifties before he was recruited as a professional actor and even then he was to find parts of any consequence hard to come by. Following the forced expiration of the Group Players inhe found regular work in the mid sixties with the Sam Cree farce ensemble, then resident in the Arts Theatre, Belfast.

In the seventies he worked almost exclusively with the Lyric Players, registering strong performances in a series of surreal pieces by Cork born writer in residence, Patrick Galvin. In he joined Ulster Television, speed dating dublin tonight, becoming a familiar face as a continuity announcer, working at the station until Following his UTV appointment he was cast in two leading and memorable roles at the Lyric, which would arguably be considered among his finest work.

Unimpressed possibly with this experience, he would not appear again on screen for another fifteen years. JJ Murphy was one of the last links to the celebrated Group Players, a dexterous speed dating dublin tonight actor, who later became an invaluable member of the natural successor and keeper of the flame, the Lyric Theatre, Belfast. Composed and accomplished character actor with a more than respectable CV, who began his professional career with the Lyric Players in Belfast during the seventies.

Towards the end of the decade he enjoyed a busy period on both stage and screen. He was back in Belfast that year, marvellous as the father S. Patrick McAlinney was another example of tunnel vision casting, identified and labelled Irish type, he was seldom afforded the opportunity of choice and reluctantly but always professionally, accepted his lot.

He turned professional comparatively late in life, fortuitously in the same year,his friend, actor and writer Joseph Tomelty was commissioned by the BBC N. In he was part of a large contingent of Group Theatre Players, who under the direction of Tyrone Guthrie and the banner of the N.

Ireland Festival Company, travelled to London for a series of plays in celebration of the Festival of Britain. His film debut in was undemanding, a low-key credit as Mick in C. Devlin as the scheming Neale Macook, speed dating dublin tonight. Screen work was minimal in the seventies and amounted to a handful of offers, involving archetypal Ulster types which barely raised a sweat.

John McBride, although not a constitutive member of the Group Players, was sustained by association and from his earliest experiences in amateur theatre, was an earnest contributor across all media for over fifty years. He made his uncredited debut in director Erle C. At the beginning of the war he returned to live in Ireland and worked periodically in Dublin theatre, appearing with Belfast born Eithne Dunne at the Olympia in but despite his cinematic past, he unable to establish a persona solid enough to flourish on the Irish stage.

In the early fifties he launched his second career, when he and fellow actor Stanley Illsley became theatrical co-producers and working principally from the Olympia, created a populist alternative world of variety shows. His tenure at the Olympia included two rare stage appearances, both starring roles, in M.

His enthusiasm knew no bounds, as around this time he and Robert Dempster co-founded the Carrickfergus Players, a company specializing in one-act plays in the vernacular. He both acted in and directed productions such as D. In the mid- thirties he was recruited by Richard Hayward and J. The tireless McCandless soon added his considerable experience to the assembled pool of talent, taking the central role of Andrew Boyd in St. His second and final screen appearance was as Rev. Devlin, Kathleen Feenan and Tomelty himself.

Just past his seventy fifth birthday in that fateful, well documented final year of the Group Players,dating sites nz christian found no shortage of acting and directing work.

McCandless was incontestably a stage actor, a lifelong thespian who remarkably predated by almost a generation, the majority of his Group Theatre contemporaries. Reserved but dexterous man of theatre, who was working for BBC radio in Belfast, when he first appeared on stage aged sixteen, as Raleigh in R. Her time in front of the camera lasted barely seven years and with a limited stage background, her attenuated legacy will not stand the test of time.

In this he was credited loosely as Orange Man, opposite a coterie of Northern Irish actors headed by J. Devlin, Elizabeth Begley and Harry Towb. In the eighties he was back in uniform again, as a constable and two sergeants in three consecutive television productions. Indomitable character actor with a staggered stage history and a late but short television career, which uneventfully played out during the mid to late eighties.

She returned to the Arts Theatre inwhere under the direction of Roy Heayberd she starred in a number of productions. She was arguably more productive in the eighties, working on both stage and television, a medium she had hitherto ignored.

The play later transferred to the Gielgud Theatre, London in September and ran triumphantly for three months, later travelling with full cast intact to the Lyceum Theatre on Broadway, where it enjoyed a limited matchmaking v online dating week run from April Niamh McGrady has been fortunate to have secured two consequential television roles that could arguably be described as defining, speed dating dublin tonight, both recurring, one in a shorter term dark drama, the other snug and less challenging, but offering inestimably regular work.

Two low-key appearances on television in did nothing to enhance his image and only his D. Liam McMahon has been by a long chalk, closer to a breakthrough on screen, which pragmatically seems to be the favoured medium, but hopefully and aesthetically, only for the immediate future. M Moyna Macgill McIldowie Born Belfast 10th December Died Los Angeles 25th November Obdurate and methodical character player, whose career although not glittering, will probably be forgotten and instead will be unfairly remembered as the mother of Angela Lansbury.

Other Theatre, Film and TV credits: Other Theatre and Film and TV credits: Engaging and comely, occasional leading lady, of proven aristocratic Scottish ancestry, who trained at the Gaeity School of Acting in Dublin during the early nineties.

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